Sister Companies Go the Distance

In January 2018, Western Cabinets, Inc. acquired Grandview Cabinetry, and Woodmont and Grandview officially became sister companies.

While some relatives are lucky enough to live just down the road from one another, in our case, we are separated by an expansive 372 miles. That’s about a six-and-a half hour drive or about three-and-a-half hours of flight and driving time to go factory door to factory door. Although this is a long way to go for meetings, the great thing about relatives is that they create opportunities to see one another, and they understand the value of hosting each other. When it comes to the relationship between Grandview and Woodmont, we’re willing to go the distance.

Hundreds of miles may separate us, our companies share a greater foundation of key values: we’ve always been family-owned and operated; we share a passion for serving God, family, country, and community; and we take pride in our American-made, KCMA-certified products. Together, Grandview and Woodmont are committed to forging a stronger company relationship with a focus on what we share, increased networking, steady communication, and free exchange of ideas and inspiration.

In 2018, we traveled a lot — back and forth from home base to home base — and we’ve greatly strengthened our bond in the process. Throughout the year, the Woodmont leadership team regularly visited Grandview to aid with our growth and transition process.

In the fall, Woodmont hosted members of the Grandview leadership team along with Grandview sales representatives from across the country for a two-day workshop and networking event in Dallas. Together, we mingled at a welcome mixer, shared a meal and watched the Tennessee Titans take on the Dallas Cowboys. Of course, we also participate in two days of meetings where we discussed recent changes and our vision for the future.

Moving forward in 2019, a large part of our plan includes increasing communications and travel between our family companies. Stan Tidwell will be leading this initiative, with  a commitment to alternate work weeks between the Woodmont and Grandview offices for the first half of 2019. In the second half of the year, he will continue to travel regularly between the two companies. Thankfully, coming to Kansas feels a lot like coming home already. Stan spent his early childhood in Wichita and has found a second, extended family at Grandview.

As we move forward into 2019, we won’t let the distance stand between us. We’ll continue getting to know the roadways and airport terminals that help bridge our gap, and we’ll take care to sharpen our communications and deepen our connection. That’s the Grandview-Woodmont way.

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