Grandview by the Numbers

Walk onto the factory floors at Grandview Cabinetry, and you’ll find a lively space abuzz with production. Thanks to a dedication to quality, American-made cabinetry and company growth since 1946, we run a robust and vibrant operation.

Still, even standing in the center of all this, it’s difficult to fathom just how much cabinetry our team produces each year.

The scale of our operation is astounding — and worth celebrating — thanks to our hard-working employees brought together by faith and shared values.

In this spirit, we’re happy to put our accomplishments into perspective with some of the numbers that go into one year of Grandview Cabinetry production:

  • 1,891,800 board feet of wood was used to produce our cabinetry. Stack that up, and you’d have enough wood to build over three wooden towers the size and height of the largest living tree, the Sierra Redwood General Sherman.
  • 33,163,953 individual staples and pins helped join our cabinetry. Convert that number to millions of miles, and you’d have the distance from the surface of Earth to Mars.
  • 1,265 gallons of cold glue were used during our cabinetry construction process. That’s enough to fill up two and a half 8-foot truck beds!
  • 8,640 pounds of hot melt glue helped bond our cabinets and enhanced shock resistance. That’s about as heavy as four large American bison!
  • 44,282.46 square feet of sandpaper smoothed the surfaces and edges of our cabinetry wood. Lay that down piece by piece, and you’d have enough to cover an entire acre.
  • 805,000 hinges kept our cabinetry swinging open and closed. That’s about as many hinges as there are glittering stars in the stunning Tarantula Nebula.

Pretty amazing, right? The hard work Grandview Cabinetry employees put in every single day truly builds up, and families across America benefit from our labor. We’re proud to provide thousands of products with integrity ingrained. As always, that’s our promise.

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