Tacos, Grandview’s Gratitude, and the Ripple Effect

This past spring, at the Labette County Community College Scholarship Fundraiser, Grandview Cabinetry bid on an auction item with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. Amid the bidding excitement and lively atmosphere, Grandview won the coveted Outsider’s Taco Truck lunch for 50 people. It was an exciting moment, but what happened next was even more inspiring. You see, this victory was about more than just indulging in our own taco cravings. The Grandview Management Team, driven by a deep sense of community, decided to pay it forward in a way that would leave an indelible mark on Parsons.

A Taco-Filled Act of Gratitude: Rather than relishing the tantalizing tacos ourselves, we chose to donate the lunch to the heroes of our community — our local first responders. This heartfelt act was a sincere expression of thanks for the unwavering, year-round dedication displayed by these heroes in safeguarding the citizens and businesses of Parsons.

Tacos and Tribute on a September Day: On a sunny and memorable September 13th, the Outsider’s Taco Truck rolled into town with a mission—to serve up not just delectable tacos but also a generous helping of gratitude. Setting up shop from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Parsons Police Department, the air filled with the irresistible aroma of sizzling meats and fresh ingredients. Tacos and refreshing beverages flowed freely, as the Grandview team happily catered to the heroes who keep Parsons safe.

This gesture of recognition extended beyond the Parsons Police Department to include the brave firefighters from the Parsons fire stations, the dedicated members of the Labette County sheriff’s office, and other first responders. It was more than just a delicious lunch; it was a moment of camaraderie, appreciation, and a poignant reminder that a community stands strongest when it stands together.

Beyond Tacos: Grandview’s Commitment to the Community: Grandview Cabinetry’s commitment to the community doesn’t stop at tacos. This inspiring initiative is just one of many ways we try to actively engage with and enrich our town. Grandview eagerly anticipates more opportunities to give back, show appreciation, and strengthen the bonds that make Parsons the remarkable community it is.

As we embrace the arrival of Fall, let’s also embrace the spirit of giving and gratitude. Small gestures of gratitude can create ripples of goodwill that reach far and wide. It is our hope that this taco-fueled tribute to Parson’s first responders, will inspire similar acts within our community.

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