Christina Hofer

Christina Hofer, Human Resources Manager

Christina Hofer
Two decades after obtaining her degree in Human Resources and launching her career as an HR professional, Christy Hofer’s enthusiasm hasn’t waned: “HR is a great department to work in; I get to help shape the culture of a company, whether it’s creating new strategies to help employees with their development or partnering with management to reach company goals.”

Impressed by the company’s values, Christy joined Grandview Cabinetry in 2022: “Core values shape a company’s culture, helping to create a purpose and sense of commitment in the workplace. With Grandview Cabinetry’s focus on family, community, faith, and service to others, it felt like a perfect fit,” she says.

Christy, and her husband, Dan, are very proud of their son, Darius, an active soldier in the U.S. Army. A sports fan, Christy loves watching football – Go Chiefs and Da Bears! – and playing golf. She always tries to hit the course when Darius comes home for a visit from Fort Campbell. In between those visits, the couple pours love into the family fur babies: Banks Amillion (their dog), Keke (their cat), and Anhur, a.k.a “Monkey”, (their grandcat).

Fun Fact: At the tender age of 3, Christy met and fell in love with Yogi Bear, earning her the nickname “Boo Boo”. The name has stuck to this day, presumably because she’s “smarter than the average bear.”

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